Sheri Johnson, President

Assistant Vice President, Office Manager, Washington Capital Management, Inc.

Growing up in Coeur d’Alene, walking to the library and checking out as many books as I could carry is one of my favorite memories as a child.  It was a safe place to explore all that your imagination could envision.  I am an avid reader and recognize and support the importance of maintaining libraries in our community.  I love the many services the Spokane Public Library provides, and I am very excited about the digital and educational offerings available.

Bobbie Overhoff, Vice President

Training Manager, Global Credit Union

I have worked in the adult education field for over 25 years, previously as VP of Training for Sterling Savings Bank and now as Training Manager for Global Credit Union.  Our library is a place that provides support, education, and services to all members of our community from the corporate business user to the less fortunate. I am honored to have served on various boards in our community but none that inspire my support and passion as the Spokane Library Foundation.

David Howell, Secretary

Director of Operations, Avista Corp.

One of my earliest childhood memories is spending my summers at the library checking out and reading books. I cherish similar experiences I have had with my family, riding our bikes to the library, and seeing my children’s fascination with the learning that the library provides. Having lived with my family in Spokane for over 17 years I have come to appreciate the contribution that the public library provides to the Spokane community and personally for my family and me.

I am excited to support the continued success of the Spokane Libraries as a place of knowledge and lifelong learning for the entire community.

Dr. Steven Gering, Treasurer

Senior Vice President of Education Solutions, School by Design

I have been involved in education for the past twenty years. Before becoming Chief Academic Officer, I was a teacher, a building assistant principal, a principal, a district assessment and evaluation director. I am responsible for improving student achievement in Spokane Public Schools by working with administrators, instructional staff and members of the assessment department.


Heather Bybee

Director, K-12 Curriculum, Spokane Public Schools

I have been involved in public education for nearly twenty years, serving as a teacher, instructional coach, building administrator, and district administrator. I believe strongly in the power and role of public education. As an educator, books are at the heart of nearly every aspect of my life. They serve as a place I go for answers, a place I go for connection, and a place I go for wonder. Books have always served as a bridge between myself and others and the library has been the venue that has made all those things possible.

Amy Cabe

Director of Convention and Visitor Services, Visit Spokane

I’m an explorer and investigator of regional attractions. As the director of convention services at Visit Spokane, I connect convention planners with regional resources. I assist in planning tours, finding venues and speakers and uncovering the components necessary for my clients to stage a successful program.

I’m a former journalist who loves reading, writing, and most any literary pursuit. My love of books and libraries traces back to my regular visits to the Missoula Public Library, where I loved to uncover stories that would take me away.

Andrew Hastings

Vice President & Sr. Trust Officer, Wealth Management & Advisory Services
Washington Trust Bank

I am thankful that our libraries serve as an inviting, safe space to connect to and with new ideas, people, and experiences. And, I am excited at the expansion of the concept of that space to include new and different platforms to further those opportunities for connection and resulting growth for our area and its citizens. My pledge is to do my best to apply energy, effort, and enthusiasm on behalf of the Spokane Public Library Foundation, all of which will come from appreciation and gratitude for what libraries mean to our community.

Casey Linane-Booey IV

Risk Manager, Community Health Association of Spokane (CHAS)

I was born and raised in Spokane and am a Shadle Park High School graduate. I grew up attending the Shadle branch of the library with my mother and siblings. One of my fondest memories of the library is when my mother would create an awards system based on the number of pages we read throughout the summer. If we read enough we would get to go to a local water park. I am excited to be the Spokane Library Board of Trustees liaison to the Spokane Public Foundation. I have been energized by the new and returning members enthusiasm and look forward to being a part of the next chapter of the Foundation’s story.

I’m a former journalist who loves reading, writing, and most any literary pursuit. My love of books and libraries traces back to my regular visits to the Missoula Public Library, where I loved to uncover stories that would take me away.

Ty Miller

LEED AP, BD&C Associate, Integrus Architecture

Bio coming soon

Jenifer Piper

AVP of Retail Sales, Numerica Credit Union

Reading is good for the soul and access to books through the Spokane Library strengthens our youth! I am the proud mom of a 13-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy, whom both love to take trips to the Hillyard Library. This library has helped my son find a love for reading, whether it be about motorcycles, old cars or dragons. In my professional life, I help adults utilize their resources to strengthen their skill sets around coaching and sales. Many times this comes with a recommendation of a book. I am extremely grateful to work for a company that finds education to be pivotal in the growth of our employees. When I learned about the Spokane Library Foundation, I knew it was meant to be. It is an honor to  be a part of a group that serves everyone within our community!

Kirsten Gable

Sapere Consulting

Bio coming soon

Christopher Stevens, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Gonzaga University

I have always loved stories. I love the power that stories have to introduce people to new places, help them explore new emotions, and provide them with the knowledge required to see things from a different perspective. Our public libraries are where stories live and thrive. My family and I count ourselves fortunate to live in a community that understands the value our public libraries provide – as a place to meet, a place to share, and a place to dream. I am honored to support that commitment to do my part to foster it in others.