CHoF Announces 2019 Historic Inductees

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Ruth Sampson Ayers (1898 – 1991), is a lifelong resident of Spokane and North Central High School graduate. She started her career in music as a teenager working for the Pacific Music Company and while there, opened the sheet music department. By 1929, she started the Ruth Sampson Sheet Music Company and later changed the name of the company to the Sampson-Ayers House of Music after she married her husband, Stephen Ayers, in 1945. Mrs. Ayers dedicated her life to bringing music to the Spokane community.

Dr. John Moyer (1922- 2014), was a physician and state representative from the 6th district. While he was a practicing ob-gyn, he delivered around 7,500 babies during a 30-year career until he retired in 1986. From there, he served in the Washington State Legislature until 1991 where he championed eastern Washington and focused on health care for children. Dr. Moyer also was also active with the Friends of the Falls and protecting our river.

Eric & Ina Johnston (1896 – 1963) & (1896 – 1991), were business owners and philanthropists who started the Johnston-Fix Foundation. Mr. Johnston started his career in Spokane in the electrical and lighting industry and then went on to serve as president of the United States Chamber of Commerce and then president of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). Ms. Johnston ran the foundation after her husband’s passing and her initial donation created the Dishman Hills Natural Area.

Ed Tsutakawa (1921 – 2006), originally from Seattle, he moved to Spokane after World War II. Mr. Tsutakawa was a printer and an artist. He was influential in bringing a Japanese planner to Manito Park to create the Japanese garden as well as Mukogawa College at the old Fort George Wright site, serving as part of the administration. Mr. Tsutakawa was the starter behind the sister city relationship with Nishinomiya and advised many mayors during his career.

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