The fourth annual Spokane Trivia Championship will be held on Thursday, February 7th, 2019, at the Downtown Spokane Library to benefit the Spokane Public Library and Mobius Science Center.


What is a Trivia Championship?

The Spokane Trivia Championship is a knowledge bowl with 21 to 24 three-person teams competing for the title of Spokane Trivia Champion.

Four to six teams come up on stage at a time to be asked a round of 10 questions in areas such as Local Knowledge, General Knowledge, Arts & Entertainment, Sports and Presidents & Politics. The questions are projected on a screen above the stage, and the teams have 20 seconds to write their answers down on whiteboards.Two teams in each round will advance to the final round.

The team with the most correct answers in the final round becomes the Spokane Trivia Champion. Audience members will be able to “play along” since the questions will be projected on a screen. There will also be prizes for the Best Cheering Section and Funniest Wrong Answer.


More questions? Just give us a call at 509-444-5318.

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