The Spokane Public Library Foundation exists because of the generosity of many who have committed their time, gifts and financial resources to continue to strive for our library’s excellence.


Form a corporate team of three players for a chance to become the Spokane Trivia Champions.

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There are a limited number of individual teams available so make sure you form your team early.

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The Spokane Trivia Championship is a knowledge bowl of three-person teams competing to be the Spokane Trivia Champions.

Questions are asked in these areas: pop culture, literature, sports, history and geography, and current events. Two teams in each round will advance to the final round.

The team with the most correct answers becomes the Trivia Champions. Audience members  “play along” for their own prizes.




The Foundation supports the strategic directions of the library and helps to build and encourage partnerships that strengthen our community.

As the Foundation grows, it continues to be a resource to innovate and expand library’s services.

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The Spokane Public Library Foundation is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization that is governed by the Library Foundation Board of Directors.

The board consists of enthusiastic individuals with diverse backgrounds who share a passion for our library and a commitment to continue to enrich our community.

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The Foundation supports the work of the library, whose mission is to provide high quality education for all – opportunities to read, to learn and to discover the world.